Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Been a Long Time and Road

I have not written a thing since after Iron Girl Tri 2008. I think I needed a break from reporting disappointing results. My ankle is a bit better, but I still have to wear an ASO brace for any athletic activity. When the time is right, I will divulge all the gory details. But, I can't right now.

I also had continued pain in my glutes and hamstrings. I have finally been able to find some relieve after a visit to RehabtoRacing in VA. They made some biomechanical suggestions, stretches, wearing superfeet, etc.. and I can honestly say that my glute issues are 80-to 85% better. Some days it feel 90%.

So how did 2008 wrap up for me?

The Annapolis Triathlon ended up getting canceled due to the city and/or county being ridiculous with there demands. It was initially downgraded to an aquathlon and then canceled. Really a shame.

In October I ran the Run for Kathy 5k in Bowie MD. Since this was the 10th and final running of the race, it was quite an event and larger then last year. I was given a free entry and a seated number b/c of my 2nd place finish in 2007. I felt a bit unworthy b/c I knew I wouldn't be able to run as fast due to the ankle and other injuries.
I ran a long warmup, about 2.5 miles to get my achy muscles ready. Ended up running a 23:02. I was pleasantly surprised with that, despite running positive splits. I think I won something in my age group, but not overall.

Later in October, I took my 11 year old daughter, Addie, with me to a Halloween 5k. Just for fun. Ended up coming in 3rd overall in 22:56. There were no mile markers on the B&A trail/course, so I have no clue how that played out. Ankle was painful, but pushed through. Addie ran an amazing 27:50! Unfortunately, her age group was 11 to 19!

A week later I ran the Downs Park 5 miler. This is an Annapolis Strider Champ Series race. Even though I had missed so many (due to the ankle), I thought, what the heck. I got lost driving there and literally showed up about 5 min before the start. I ran to the bathroom and then to the starting line. I decided to relax and took the first 2 miles slow (8:06 and 8:17). As I felt better I picked it up (7:24, 7:54, 7:33). Came in at 39:15 and got 2nd in my age group. Pretty course too.

November brought the Cold Turkey 10k, which I did last year and liked. I decided that I would use this race as training, shooting for T pace or so, and not stress about actually racing. Always a good thought beforehand, but one I often have problems carrying out.
Conditions were far from ideal. Very cold and very windy. Wind is the worst running foe!
My first 5k was a 23:26 and the 2nd a 24:13 for a grand total of 47:38. I was 2nd in my age group (so no frozen turkey for me this year) and 15th female overall. Not too bad considering.

Then December brought a race I would rather forget. The Anniversary 15k. Ugh! I was still recovering from the flu and had my period. I started out okay, but was dealing with general fatigue and things just seemed to hurt. I pretty much threw in the towel at 5 miles. I slowed to about an 8:25-30 pace and just held on. I was very uncomfortable and just wanted to be done. Time: 1:15.40, 3 min slower then the year before.

Now I am in full Boston training and am happy to report that it is going pretty well. I have a V-Day 5k on Saturday that I hope will reflect this. Pray the ankle, glutes, etc.. hold up!

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