Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hurt, Pain, & Agony Metric Century Ride, Traphill, North Carolina

Race Report
By Steffen Fohn:
Well...when I reached the registration table and had to make the choice (32 or 64 mile)...the surrounding mountainous views (not to wife) inspired me to choose the "32" (...sorry Stoney).

The race starts up the dreaded 6 mile climb with little to no time to warm-up. The climb starts up a nearby parkway and then turns onto Oklahoma Rd...the infamous part of the route known for its steepness and hair-pin s-curves. Approaching the crest some of the cyclists were goal was to making the climb without having to dismount the bike...with each turn of the crank I was congratulating myself for having purchased that triple chainring. At this point I was standing on my cranks...lowest possible gear...inching forward at a blistering 4mph. Several yards before reaching the came across the word "Hurt" spray painted on the road...followed by a few more yards and the word "Pain" followed by a few more yards and the word "Agony". After having completed the first 10 miles...I felt about the same as after one of our 30-40 mi Saturday morning rides. Once having cleared the ascent the route "rolled" through the Blueride Parkway and Hwy 21 before descending the same hills climbed at the beginning of the race. I approached the Oklahoma descent cautiously...unsure and inexperienced with this type of course. Once reaching the parkway, the view and the straight-aways opened-up, allowing me to descend more "freely". I finished in 2 hours 10 min.s...average speed of 14.7 mph, maximum speed of 40.4 mph....good thing the CatEye doesn't record minimum speed.

Below is the race summary with results...funny thing, I ended up with my first win...good thing I elected to go for the "32".

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