Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sand Key Aquathlon June 2006

My third official multisport event! And I totally blew it!
I had joined the SUN Masters swim team at the Highlander pool in Dunedin a couple months ago and my swimming was coming along really well. I had even gotten in some open water swimming. I felt very prepared and ready to show my stuff. The Aquathlon consisted of a 1.5m run-1000 meter swim- 1.5m run.
I was right on during the first leg. Then I got in the water. It was not flat, as every other experience had been. Now, we don't have waves to break through on the west coast of FL, but these were some big swells that I was not accustomed to. Every time I turned my head to get a breath I got a mouth full of salt water instead. I panicked a bit and swam breast stroke. Once I got to the first buoy, I put my head down and made myself go. I only turned toward shore to breath.
One lesson I learned from this swim, was that you should actually take the time to know where you are swimming. I had no understanding of the course. Thus, I followed some other clueless swimmer as we turned to shore at the second buoy. Apparently people were yelling at us to go back, but I was so concerned with finishing the swim, I heard nothing. I get to where I can walk and am told that we need to head back out and go around the last buoy. I couldn't believe it! I had to subject myself to those swells again.
I turned back in, as did the other swimmer and I was pretty much the last one out. I was in the transition with some much older lady feeling like a loser. I jogged in the last run and chalked it up as a learning experience.
I am such a multi sport rookie!

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